About IEG

Why Integrated Eye Care Group?

With over 50 years of experience in eye care combined with a nationally recognized network of eye care providers, we are able to provide an integrated eye care organization able to monitor and deliver cost-effective, quality care. As industry leaders in comanaged eye care with a well-established shared care system, we understand the challenges facing today’s ever-changing healthcare integration environment and we realize we can provide an innovative solution. We are perfectly aligned to deliver an indispensable service allowing primary care physicians to access a premier network of eye care professionals in Hampton Roads.

Eye Care is one of the few health care industries that sees healthy patients in need of glasses or contacts. These patients often visit their eye doctor more frequently than their primary care physicians which provides Optometrists the opportunity to identify risk factors for disease during a comprehensive eye examination. Eye Care professionals are able to provide an early detection of many chronic conditions resulting in the potential for significant savings and improved patient outcomes and quality care. After all, our vision is fundamental to our overall health and well-being.

OUR MISSION is to provide high quality, patient-centered care that will improve clinical outcomes, enhance patient experience and lower costs. IEG is well positioned to provide global excellence at a local level by utilizing a nationally recognized established network of primary care providers located across Southeastern Virginia.

OUR GOAL is to assume accountability for care coordination, provide patient and physician support, develop relationships and agreements with outside providers, and provide connectivity to ensure appropriate information transfer to allow seamless exchange of information that supports regulatory benchmarks and meets meaningful use requirements.